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Date back to the mid-1800s in Japan, fishermen created a form of nature printing (gyotaku)to record their prized catches.

Gyotaku(Gyo”fish”+taku”stone impression”) is created by pressing rice paper onto a fish covered with ink or paint. This form of nature printing has also become an art of it’s own.

The founder was born in coastal city and his ancestors have been fishermen for four generations. He had a special affection for the sea and it’s creatures. Until one day, he got a chance to experience the live art in person and was completely immersed in it and deeply impressed. From then on,he devoted himself to Japanese food culture. Thirteen years later, he will bring people into the impression of Japan under the name of TAKU.

TAKU range from small edamame beans to huge party platters even from fruity alcoholic drinks to premium sake. The genuine cuisine is just like in Japan

The interior design of TAKU uses the traditional wood elements, combines the traditional fisherman culture and the modern simple style to express the homage to the Japanese culture.

TAKU will try best to make sure that our team’s dedication to quality food and service will be delivered to customers and will always seek improvements not simply to become a good restaurant but to become a memorable place for our customers

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